New LPWAN technology by Amazon – a Sidewalk

It is great to hear that big companies, such as Amazon, are investing into LPWAN technology. Low power wide area network (LPWAN) technologies have low power draw and provide coverage to large areas. They are predominantly lower cost than 4G network devices and have a wider range than wireless networks such as Zigbee and Bluetooth. These protocols can provide connectivity for devices and applications with minimal mobility requirements and low levels of data transfer, such as sensors, and are therefore seen as a key enabler of the Internet of Things (IoT) adoption.

At its annual hardware event in Seattle, Amazon announced Sidewalk, a new low-bandwidth, long-distance wireless protocol the company is developing to connect IoT devices in and around people’s homes. Amazon has already released a beta test of 700 devices to households across LA with an aim of testing the access points. The theory being that an increased number of access points in turn creates a significant network coverage.

At its event, the company introduced one of it’s first devices to use this new standard – a pet tracker called Ring Fetch, a dog tag that attaches to your pet’s collar. When the tracker leaves the predefined geofenced area, the owner receives a phone notification. The Ring Fetch is expected to launch next year with the aim of significantly reducing the number of lost/stolen pets. According to a British tabloid, 60 dogs are reported lost/stolen each week in England and Wales.




Reece Innovation has a proven track record using LPWAN technology. A great example is Solar Pod, which is a rugged structure capable of holding and operating low power (LPWAN) communication gateways and withstanding harsh environmental conditions as well as industrial LoRa hubs used in utility companies. We are also experienced in sensor development and machine condition monitoring. Moreover, Reece Innovation is currently working on a new hardware device with the ability to connect multiple sensors to online data management platforms.




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