What We Do

If you have a technical challenge or a market opportunity you seek a solution for, we can help. We take ideas and engineer innovative solutions.

Our creativity stems from a diverse technical team with multi-sector experience. Creativity that is focused on evaluating the possibilities, understanding the realities and constructing products and engineering solutions that work. Not just in practical terms, but when targeted at, and launched into complex markets or industrial environments.

  • When at an early stage of engagement with our clients, we may undertake consulting projects or feasibility studies to evaluate and understand your challenges, aspirations or product concepts.
  • When a clear solution is not apparent, we may undertake applied research to evaluate technical options and associated risk.
  • Overall, we excel at delivering end to end innovation, product development and manufacturing services, yet also offer discrete components such as concept generation, prototype manufacture, detailed design, or the manufacture of bespoke engineering equipment.


Based in an iconic engineering facility stretching over half a kilometer, The Reece Group of companies has no shortage of manufacturing space and capability. Although Reece Innovation is able to draw upon the strengths and extensive manufacturing facilities within the group, we operate our own dedicated facility.

Our development space is designed to support product development and test as well as initial manufacturing scale up and quality control of electro-mechanical assemblies, and is complimented with a large scale Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test facility. When required, there is plentiful scope for expanding into our larger manufacturing areas.

Flexibility and responsiveness are important attributes for us, so we can rapidly evaluate and evolve emerging solutions during their development. Equally, these characteristics are important to support emerging products, where there can be irregular demand profiles after initial market launch.

As products mature, we offer dedicated manufacturing cells that operate under our quality system, and enable direct customer fulfilment if required.

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