What We Do

If you have a technical challenge or a market opportunity you seek a solution for, we can help. We take ideas and engineer innovative solutions.

Our creativity stems from a diverse technical team with multi-sector experience. Creativity that is focused on evaluating the possibilities, understanding the realities and constructing products and engineering solutions that work. Not just in practical terms, but when targeted at, and launched into complex markets or industrial environments.

  • When at an early stage of engagement with our clients, we may undertake consulting projects or feasibility studies to evaluate and understand your challenges, aspirations or product concepts.
  • When a clear solution is not apparent, we may undertake applied research to evaluate technical options and associated risk.
  • Overall, we excel at delivering end to end innovation, product development and manufacturing services, yet also offer discrete components such as concept generation, prototype manufacture, detailed design, or the manufacture of bespoke engineering equipment.


To us, innovation is more than just a clever piece of technology or a well designed product. In fact, most problems have a potential solution already available – just in a different sector, or applied in a different way. This is why innovation thrives where cross-sector knowledge meets technical diversity.

Our multi-sector experience complements that of our clients, allowing us to explore potential solutions and their market fit, in order to develop winning products and engineering solutions. Sometimes they can be simple and sometimes they can be complex. Although our in-house technical breadth allows solutions to be worked up from scratch, we do not always seek to ‘re-invent the wheel’. We evaluate and adapt existing technology when appropriate and license in external technology to complement our own.

Mitigating elevated risk at the pre-concept stage is crucial. Faced with uncertain requirements and uncertain solutions, we undertake applied research, often involving experimental activity. We draw upon knowledge from successful approaches in other sectors as well as commercially available components and modules to help rationalise and solidify concepts that are likely to succeed. We then enter the development phase.

In addition, to underpin our long term ability to innovate, we work with a range of Universities on lower TRL (Technology Readiness Level) activity, through the funding of specific academic led projects and PhD sponsorships.

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