Reece Innovation developed a new keyway cutting tool for a Chinese manufacturer

Reece Innovation was recently challenged with developing a new Keyway Cutting Tool for a Drill Collar manufacturing site in China with one of the Oil & Gas industry leaders.

Working collaboratively with the client’s technical team to understand the manufacturing challenges, Reece Innovation developed several initial ideas to meet the requirements. There was a specific focus on the precision of the cutting function within an enclosed and difficult-to-access spaces.

During the concept development phase, a FEED study has been conducted, which resulted in the usage of EDM Cutting System and was contained within a single carriage jig. Continuous engagement with our supply chain network at this early stage ensured an efficient design development with consideration for final stage manufacture of key components.

Furthermore, by collaborating with client’s factory-floor operations, Reece Innovation clearly defined and quantified technical objectives in terms accuracy and precision. This included a Geometric Dimensional and Tolerance Review to ensure the accuracy of the Bespoke Machine being developed. The project scope included the development of novel inspection tooling and fixtures to aid in the O&M of the machine.

Upon successful completion of the project, the client was able to internalise the manufacture of collar components, giving them a better control of the whole manufacturing process and overall reduction in collar lead time due to lengthy sub-contract operations. New machine has improved repeatability of slot cutting process, leading to a reduction RON Rate. The average production time was reduced by 7.5 hours per collar with a cost saving equivalent of $1,875.00 per component, leading to a combined annual saving of $300,000.00. New Machine implementation also provided a 20% reduction in total manufacturing time saving a total of 3 weeks on their original production lead time of 16 weeks per unit.