Energy Storage

Reece Innovation were approached by a new technology firm with a novel concept for an energy storage device, for Gantry Cranes, based on Flywheel Technology. The proof of concept brought to us was housed within a shipping container and required full re-work and re-specification of components. Client wanted a commercial prototype designed, which could be placed on the gantry of an overhead crane.

Reece Innovation designed detailed development drawings of prototype design which included the re-design and specification of heart exchangers for the cooling circuit. As part of the design package Reece Innovation also took on the task of identifying potential key suppliers for specified components for the manufacturing stage.



energy storage



After successful completion of the design package Reece Innovation was chosen by the client as the manufacturing partner for the first prototype. As part of the project Reece Innovation continued to track and change any of the previously supplied manufacturing drawings, engaged with potential suppliers for components including Base Frames, Cooling Systems and provision of all specialist Heat Treatment and Assembly. Product also went through in-house testing of full system under scaled load to ensure all of the components were working as required.

Success of this project led to further design and development work for the client including further development of this product.



energy storage