Automated Subsea Inspection Technology

This innovative subsea inspection contractor approached Reece Innovation for assistance with the development and scaling of an existing piece of size inspection tooling technology.

We worked alongside the customer’s technical team in order to fully understand their existing technology and the required developments. Our team then optimised the design to produce a bespoke product for a specific subsea size inspection operation. Working to a tight schedule, we were able to  design, prototype, test and manufacture the final product at our Newcastle based Armstrong Works facility.

The quality of the service provided by the team in delivering this project has resulted in the development of a long-term professional relationship with this client and a number of subsequent projects have arisen since the delivery of this product.The product is now fully commercial and is deployed as a standard part of a size inspection service offered by the customer.

As a result of their engagement with Reece Innovation, this company are now able to perform size inspections on a wider range of structures than they previously could. Increasing their market offering and benefiting the level of service they can directly offer to their customer base.