We combine engineering insight and innovative thinking to develop leading products, solutions and services for diverse industrial sectors.

Overcoming technical challenges is what we do. We take practical, industrial problems, and leverage cross-sector experience to develop new approaches and innovative products. But that’s not all. Through a rigorous process of engineering research, prototyping, and validation, we take ideas from their embryonic state, develop functional designs, and progress into full scale manufacture, leveraging the engineering and comprehensive manufacturing capabilities of The Reece Group to ensure the delivery of high quality products and related services

With core competencies spanning mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, materials science, sensor technology and signal processing, our engineering breadth is complemented with product development and manufacturing experience in numerous sectors including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Security & Defence, Healthcare, Automotive, Process Industries & Offshore Engineering.

When you work with our multi-disciplinary technical teams, our strategic, marketing and commercial experience is also embedded in order to maximise project success and the value we deliver.

Ideas Engineered

Developing leading products, solutions and services for diverse industrial sectors

We have experience in the design and development of small and large scale mechanical structures and products, the evaluation and application of advanced coating systems, the development of data acquisition modules, the design and manufacture of electronics and telemetry systems for remote monitoring applications, the development of novel sensors, and extensive experience in developing powerful signal processing algorithms for extracting intelligence from a variety of transducers in numerous industrial environments.

We operate a number of transparent and flexible business models, offering consultancy or contract engineering support on one-off projects through to full collaboration on product development and commercialisation projects. We can work on your project for you, or on our (collaborative) project for us, establishing clear and transparent arrangements regarding confidentiality and intellectual property rights as required.

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